What does it mean to insure the nation?

The Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation was established in 1973 by a King’s Order-in-Council in terms of founding legislation No. 32/1973. The objective of the Corporation is to “provide adequate and proper insurance business of all classes including both short and long term insurance, in accordance with the conditions appropriate in the normal and proper conduct of insurance business”.

The Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation commenced writing business on the 1st January 1974. The Corporation has lived up to this founding principle. It has acted fairly and impartially to all persons, and provides adequate and proper insurance business of all classes including both long and short term insurance.

The Corporation has grown and improved over the years. Since then, Swaziland Royal Insurance has steadily grown to be a solid and reputable insurer. The establishment of the Corporation has succeeded in contributing to a stable domestic insurance environment that has benefited the Swaziland economy to a large extent as evidenced by the large and serious claims it has had to pay over the years.

Since inception, the Corporation has been involved in providing insurance cover to individuals, small and large industries, which have been the stronghold of the Swaziland economy. It can be stated with confidence that the Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation has well served the country (both businesses and individuals) by providing a full range of insurance products as required by the founding legislation.


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