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Lilunga Asset Builder

The Complete Savings Plan For You

The Lilunga Asset Builder has all the features you are looking for in a savings plan to help you save up a valuable nest egg quickly, and safely and still have your money readily available when you want it.

Asset builder gives you:

You Choose When To Collect Your Nest Eggs

The Lilunga Asset Builder Policy gives you the choice of either:

It’s Easy To Qualify

To take Lilunga Asset Builder Policy, all you have to be is between 14 and 64 years of age and in good health. That’s all there is to it!

You Can Beat Inflation

Inflation is a fact of life and it can eat in to ordinary savings very quickly, reducing the benefit of the interest earned next to nothing. With Lilunga Asset Builder, you can protect your savings from ravages of inflation by building in an inflation escalating clause. Each year, your premiums will be boosted by either 10% or 15% on your anniversary date of your policy. You can choose the level of the increase when you apply for the policy. You can also choose not to have the inflation beating feature, but you will be losing out in the long run.

You Pick The Premium

The choice of how much you pay each month is yours, from a minimum for E40.00

Watch Your Money Grow

Here is an example of how even the basic investment of just E100.00 a month ca grow into a valuable nest eggs with Lilunga Asset Builder

Your Family Is Protected

With Lilunga Asset Builder comes automatic life insurance cover for your. In the event of your death, your family or other beneficiary will receive a guaranteed minimum of E9 600.00 in cash for the basic premium of E100.00. as your investment grows, so does the value of your cover.

Put Money Away For A Rainy Day

Just as the Lilunga Bird wisely stocks its larder against future hungry times, you can have the security of knowing that there is the nest egg waiting for you to protect your gamily against any inforseen mishaps. Plus you can plan to achieve future goals like:

All you have to do is make the Lilunga Asset Builder part of your lifestyle. Soon, you won’t even notice the monthly premiums. But you’re sure to notice it when you get paid your nest eggs.

The Lilunga Asset Builder Policy from Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation

The safe, easy way to build up a nest egg you can rely on every five years.

Everybody has dreams for their future- home improvements, education, and an overseas holiday. The problem is to find a way of saving that is secure, builds up your money quickly and gives you protection from unforeseen mishaps. It must also provide tax relief and still be readily available.

The Lilunga Asset Builder Policy will do all that- and more!

You develop a disciplined savings habit that makes sure you put away at least E40.00 each month. It gives you excellent growth is totally secure and after yen years, allows you the choice of taking out a tax free payment every five years or leaving the whole amount in to grow to even a bigger lump sum when the policy matures.

Be As Clever As A Lilunga Bird

The Lilunga, also known as the fiscal shrike or butcher bird, catches its prey when times are good and hangs them on barbed wire or thorn. Then, when it is hungry, there is always a meal waiting for it. Make sure you never have to go hungry. make Lilunga asset builder policy part of your investment portfolio.

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